About Me

I'm an enthusiast photographer; Northern Irish by birth, and living in Cheshire, England.

I've been taking photographs most of my life, starting with snapshots on a Kodak Vecta box camera inherited from an aunt when I was very small. Back then, I had a vague sense that I liked some of my photographs better than others, and that "taking a picture" could be creative, but success was very much hit-and-miss.

I carried on taking pictures as I grew up, moved to England to study, got married and had a son. I "advanced" through a series of film cameras: Instamatics, compacts and an SLR (a Pentax ME Super). But the arrival of digital — about fifteen years ago for me — helped me both to put more into photography and to get more out of it. It got me thinking about what I was doing: why I liked some of my photographs better than others, and how I could make photography creative. I was able to look right away at what I had captured and identify how I could improve an image I wasn't happy with.

I like to think that I'm now (in the time-honoured phrase) making images instead of just taking them. The technology is a means to an end. But, if you're interested, I use mainly Nikon cameras, lenses and other equipment, along with the occasional compact (currently Sony) and an Adobe /On1 digital darkroom. And, of course, success is still hit-and-miss!

This website is an opportunity for me to share just a few of my favourite images, old and new. I hope you enjoy them.